"Estate ‘Het Buitenland’, on which the gallery is located, offers a serene sight. Twilight has set in, a crackling fire is lit and some candles enlighten the outdoor kitchen for Joop Cornelis and Tyrell Kuipers. They prepare real outdoor dishes in a smoker, such as stew, satay, smoked salmon, roasted ham and grilled vegetables.

The guests walk in and out of the gallery with their plate to get some food. It's raining lightly, but that doesn't seem to bother anyone. In the gallery, about 25 people are dining at large tables, surrounded by art. If you enjoy a stew, you can enjoy a painting of donuts, a print of a hamburger and a large image of an ice cream as well at the same time. In between dishes, conversations about art arise, guests walk around the gallery and, for a change, guests walk outside to sniff in the fresh evening air with a hint of charcoal." (lees meer / dutch only)

exhibition & dinner 

photo's by Cees Schilthuizen  
publication: Eten tussen de schilderijen: 'Nu kun je ook kunst proeven' (dutch) by Eline Lohman